The premium Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification by Extensa Method

The premium Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification

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Live Zoom session schedule:

  • Saturday November 28th, 2020 9:00am-2:00pm (EST)
  • Saturday December 5th, 2020 9:00am-2:00pm (EST)

New future dates are posted once the previous course begins. Check back regularly for the new dates or contact us. 

How the program works:

  • Purchase  The premium Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification;
  • Gain access to all the online content and download the PDF files 1 week (7 days) before your scheduled live training begins;
  • Begin studying the theory material;
  • Attend the 2 day live virtual training with Extensa master trainers;
  • Attend as many live virtual Extensa Fitness master classes as possible;
  • Check-in with an Extensa master trainer;
  • Practice the pre-choreographed class;
  • Complete your practice teaching hours;
  • Film the Extensa Fitness final exam and submit it for review;
  • Receive feedback from your final exam and receive your virtual certificate;
  • Register for our continuing education program, Extensa Fitness Certified, and unlock an abundance of new theory material and practical content. At Extensa, education doesn't stop with your certificate, we strive to continue providing you with continuous knowledge and practical skills that will maintain your status as a flexibility specialist.

All our Extensa™ instructor certifications include:

  • Unlimited live (virtual) master classes;
  • Access to the online video library (sample class, individual exercise descriptions, transition demonstrations and final exam demo);
  • Extensa Fitness instructor certification booklet - PDF download (exercise descriptions of all the exercises in the sample class. Each exercise has a full description, joints, muscles and teaching tips);
  • Access to the online theory section (Extensa principles & techniques, flexibility training defined, explained and techniques, music, communication skills, common occurrences and safety precautions, how to protect yourself as an Extensa instructor and much much more;
  • Monthly check-ins with Extensa master trainers via Zoom, Google Meets or chat;
  • Your first year of membership to our continuing education program, Extensa Fitness Certified, for only $10.00 (upon successful completion of the final exam).  

In order to guarantee you get the best training, our live (now virtual) trainings are always in small groups.

The Extensa Fitness program

Extensa Fitness is flexibility training for the general population. You will learn basic flexibility physiology and a sample class that can be adapted to:
  1. A multi level fitness class (adults with no major exercise limitations). The Extensa Fitness class can be restorative, beginner to advanced or it can be an introduction to fitness. For more information click here;
  2. An amateur sports team;
  3. A beginner level dance class. 

Extensa Fitness is a group class that focuses on creating full body flexibility for a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for advanced flexibility or flexibility training for high performance please see our Extensa Flow and Performance instructor training programs. 


What is the continuing education program?

Once you have successful passed your Extensa Fitness instructor certification. You will receive an email with a link to join the Extensa Fitness Certified membership plan. The cost of your first year as a certified Extensa Fitness instructor is only $10.00 (US).  
Why is our initial fee so low? You put in the hard work to become a certified Extensa Fitness instructor. You deserve to receive the benefits. It can be a challenge offering a new class and sometimes it takes time to build a new customer base, so we want to support you as much as possible throughout your fist year. 

Who is the essential Extensa Fitness instructor certification for?

Fitness instructors, personal trainers, dance teachers and coaches who have little to no experience with flexibility training 

What is an Extensa Fitness class?

An Extensa Fitness class is a flexibility class that follows a group fitness format. The majority of classes are offered in a  medium to large group setting, but they can also be used to train a client one on one, or as a cross training class for dancers and athletes.

Is an Extensa Fitness class a stretching class?.

The word stretching is often used incorrectly. Traditional stretching classes are often based on only one stretching technique: static stretching. Extensa Fitness specializes in flexibility training which incorporates all types of stretching techniques combined with strengthening, balance and core engagement. Extensa Fitness achieves optimal flexibility based on the participants goals, whether it is to move with ease during regular daily activities, improve dance techniques or improve performance in a specific sport.

Is Extensa Fitness like yoga?

Yoga is a mantra, a way of life. The main goal of yoga is to lead a meditative, non competitive and spiritual way of life. Becoming more flexible from yoga is not the goal but a nice side effect. Extensa Fitness is designed specifically as a flexibility training program to achieve optimal flexibility for each individuals specific goal. Since Extensa Fitness is designed specifically for achieving flexibility, the programs are well balanced and intended for the entire body. Therefore less imbalances and injuries occur. Extensa Fitness does not follow a "pose" sequence but gradually transitions from one flexibility technique to another as the body adapts. Yoga concentrates solely on active and static stretches throughout the practice. 

Is an Extensa Fitness instructor similar to a physiotherapist or athletic therapist?

Although Extensa Fitness helps improve posture and muscle imbalances, an Extensa Fitness instructor is not qualified to diagnose any physiological or medical condition and can not prescribe any specific program related to a medical condition. Clients will approach you with their aches and pains, unless you have separate qualifications, you must refer them to the appropriate professional. Many Extensa Fitness instructors work closely with physiotherapists who in turn, recommend their classes once a client has been cleared to exercise after an injury. We encourage you to build your own community of physiotherapists, medical professionals, RD's etc. 

What happens if I still have more questions?

You can email us here. We'd be happy to answer your additional questions and get you on the right path to a new flexibility instructor career! 

Let's work together to get the population fit and flexible!

Adding the Extensa Fitness instructor certification to your repertoire broadens your employment options and is a great way to build a loyal following. The Extensa Fitness instructor certification is designed to keep instructors at the forefront of flexibility training in fitness and the sports industry.